You can also use "one" with an ordinary mobile phone. Register here.

The terms and conditions for use of "one" that you accepted when registering for "one" also apply for the "one" app. If you activate the app, you have therefore already accepted them. The terms and conditions may change as part of further development and you may be asked to accept them in the app in the future.

To register, you need:

  • Your personal registration code, which you will receive by post or can request at one-digitalservice.ch/code

  • Your complete card number

  • a) a PC/tablet with your mobile phone or b) your personal iOS or Android smartphone

Basically, yes. For some products (e.g. prepaid cards, business cards), you will receive a separate registration code and can also register separately. Please note that for each registration a different e-mail address must be provided, i.e. a given e-mail address can only be used once to register. However, the advantage with "one" is that all the cards held under your name, even different products, can be managed in a single "one" account.

If you do not use the "one" app or temporarily have no Internet connection, you can request an SMS code to enter as confirmation (3-D Secure online payment and login).

No. At registration, all the cards in this business relationship held under your name are linked to the VisecaOne user account. For other products (e.g. prepaid cards, business cards), you will receive a separate registration code. However, you can still add them to the same user account, either during the registration process or later.


The "one" app is available for iPhone as well as on Samsung, LG, HTC and other devices with Android operating systems. All devices must have a functioning SIM card (prepaid or postpaid subscription).

Delete data you do not need to keep (pictures, videos) from your smartphone, or transfer the data to your PC. Ideally, you should do a complete back-up of your smartphone.

The date and time settings must correspond with the actual date and time in your country. Please adjust the settings on your smartphone or use the automatic settings.

Simply add the "one" app to your Apple Watch interface via your Watch app, like this:

Open the Watch app on your iPhone -> General -> Activate app installation. Or you can install the "one" Apple Watch separately as follows: Open the Watch app on your iPhone -> Scroll to the "one" app and select it -> Activate "Display app on Apple Watch". You also have to activate the Apple Watch function in the "one" app under "More" and "App settings".

Operating systems supported by the "one" app

Apple iPhone

iOS 10.3 and above

Apple Watch

watchOS 4.0 and above

Android smartphones

Android 5.0.x and above 

Browsers supported by the "one" online portal

"one" supports the latest versions of the following web browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge (only Windows), Microsoft Internet Explorer (only Windows) and Apple Safari (only Mac OS). There are likely to be limitations if you are using older versions of these browsers.

You must also allow cookies and JavaScript to be used in your browser. These two components are normally activated in your browser.


You can change your e-mail address in your "one" user account or directly in the one app. Remember that your e-mail address also serves as your user name. So, your user name will also change.

If you still have access to your old mobile number, you can make the change in your "one" user account or directly in the "one" app. If you no longer have access to your old mobile number, you must first reset your "one" account. To do this, sign in at one-digitalservice.ch with your e-mail address and password and then click on "Reset account". Here, you can request a reactivation code to reactivate your "one" account. The reactivation code will be sent to you by post. When you receive it, sign in again as usual with your e-mail address and password and then enter the reactivation code.

No, we do that for you. As soon as you receive the replacement card, you can manage it in "one".


"one" can also be installed on tablets (in smartphone view only). However, we recommend that you only install the app on an iOS or Android smartphone. The app was designed for smartphones and only delivers the best experience when used with a smartphone. Furthermore, it is not possible to use "one" simultaneously on different mobile devices (smartphone/tablet or smartphone/smartphone).

Click on the "Legal information" link in the app to view the currently valid terms of use of "one".

The settings for push notifications can be activated in the app via the "Messaging" menu or under "Messaging" in the "Card" tab.

Yes. You can deactivate the "one" app in your user account at one-digitalservice.ch as well as in the app settings.

Yes. You can activate the "one" app at one-digitalservice.ch in your "one" user account. The app is available for iOS or Android smartphones.

Download the one app again from the App Store or Play Store and sign on as usual with your one login.

Yes. Please note that you should ideally use free Wi-Fi access or have a roaming option.

The confirmation request remains active for maximum of 300 seconds.

Provided you are connected to Wi-Fi, you can make online payments (3-D Secure) as usual with the app, even if your mobile number is temporarily blocked.


When you make a reservation (a hotel room, for example), the amount of the reservation is blocked on your card and is therefore not available for spending.

A transaction is provisional if it has been authorised but not yet settled. The final amount of a provisional transaction may still be subject to adjustment.

A booked transaction is a transaction for which the settlement has been finalised – including the exchange rate and any applicable charges.

Confirmations in the app are generally binding. You should therefore always check the request before confirming. It is assumed that payment confirmations and other app-related actions are made by the card holder.

No. In situations where you have no data link, you must confirm your online payments by SMS code. You can easily request an SMS code in your browser.

Basically, yes. However, the app offers you much greater convenience and is easy to use. If you should find yourself without a connection to the Internet, you can request an SMS code to enter as confirmation (3-D Secure online payment and login).

You can request an SMS code a maximum of two more times.


Yes, you first have to activate fingerprint recognition for your device under Settings -> Fingerprint recognition. Then you can activate "Fingerprint recognition" in the "one" app under "App settings".

Yes, you first have to activate Touch ID for your device (iPhone 6 or above) under Settings -> Touch ID. Then you can activate "Touch ID" in the "one" app under "App settings".

Do everything you can to prevent third parties from gaining access to the app. For example, you can block your SIM card and use the "Find my iPhone" or "Android Device Manager" functions to delete data.

As regards your smartphone, please contact your mobile service provider directly.

Contact us immediately, so we can block your cards and have them replaced.


Please contact Valiant with any questions about your Valiant debit card.

Contact Valiant

Please contact Viseca Card Services if you have any questions about your Viseca card. 

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